електронен подпис eSign

Server certificate

eSign Server certificate is a digital signature, which serves to identify a publicly accessible server or Web site on the Internet and ensures secure communication with it. The certificate shall be issued to the owner of the server after identification and shall indicate the person who administers it. With eSign Server certificate you provide consumer confidence in your server or Web site and guarantee the security of information exchange with it.

електронен подпис eSign

Information object

eSign certificate for an information object is electronic signature certificate, which is issued to a natural person or legal entity to identify its information copyright and software objects — files with the executable or program code, music, graphics, video and other files. With eSign certificate for subject information you provide consumer confidence in the Web application you created, programs or other information objects.

eSign certification services

eSign is a trade mark for certification services of “System for Electronic Payments Bulgaria/SEP Bulgaria“ JSC. eSign serves for confirming identity when participating in electronic exchanges, such as Web-based applications, signing electronic documents and/or contracts, e-mails, bank transactions. ESign certification services ensures your access to e-services provided by the administrative authorities of the State and local management, access to online banking, high level of security in your Internet communication, the ability to encrypt documents, which can be used to implement various internal projects.
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