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Will I be notified of the expiry of the validity period?

You will receive an email notification on the 30th and 10th day before the expiry of the validity period of your certificate.

Can I have more than one eSign Certificate for QES?

There is no limit to the number of your issued certificates.


Does eSign work under an operating system other than MS Windows?

Any operating system that supports globally recognized standard X.509 can work with eSign electronic signature certificates after installation of the drivers for your device.

Does not listing your UCC int he certificate preclude its use for the state institutions?

In some cases this is an obstacle because the parameter containing the UCC is identifier in most state authorities and banking institutions.

Where can I see the serial number of the certificate?

Use eSign Manager, to view and manage your certificate.

Is it possible to use Electronic Signatures issued abroad in Bulgaria?

The only qualified electronic signatures on the territory of Bulgaria are those issued by service providers accredited by CRC, according to the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.

What should I do after I get eSign?

It is necessary to read the eSign manual. Follow the instructions that apply to your operating system and applications which can be found in Files and Instructions:
1. Install eSign Manager;
2. Install your certificate;
3. Install the trusted certificates on SEP:

Reinstall your browser / OS, what to do?

If you reinstall the browser or operating system, it is necessary to repeat the steps from initial eSign installation, that you find in the section Files and Instructions.

Can the signed documents be modified?

Electronic documents signed by eSign Certificate for QES can not be modified. Any attempt to modification leads to an error when reproducing the document.

Is it possible QES to be used to detect changes and errors in the transmission of the document?

eSign Certificate for QES ensures the integrity of the document after being signed and can serve as a tool to check for modification.

Can a document be signed by more than one signature?

Yes. Bilateral (multilateral) signing is a common practice that ensures the consent of two or more parties to exchange electronic documents.

What is Time Stamp?

Time Stamp shall certify the time of signing a document and a formal certification force after its entry in the register of certificates of time.

How to become a customer

What documents do I need to get eSign for individuals?

You need to provide ID of the person who fits in as a Certificate Holder / Author and completed Application for eSign certificate of QES for individuals in the object of our Registration Authority.

What documents do I need to get to eSign for legal entities?

The documents required for issuing eSign for legal entities: a copy of the identity document of the person who will be listed in the certificate as an author, a copy of the identity document of the legal representative of the legal person power of attorney empowering the Author, certificate of condition and completed Application for Issuance of eSign Certificate for QES for legal entities.

What documents do I need to get eSign for freelance professions?

It is necessary to submit the completed Application for Issuance of eSign Certificate for QES for freelancers and documents to verify data entry in the certificate, subject to the Registration Authority.


How many times can I enter the wrong PIN?

Your device will be locked after 3 incorrect PIN entries. You can unlock it by entering your PUK and set the new PIN.

How many times can I enter the wrong PUK?

Your device will be blocked after 8 wrong entries of PUK and cannot be used, as well as certificates stored in it.

Could the same certificate be saved and used on two devices?

It is impossible to copy or re-generate the private key created from one device. In that way the secrecy of private key is maintained, a compromise is prevented, as well as disclosure, modification, loss or unauthorized use.

How to know if a Web site is protected with a server certificate?

Websites, protected by security certificates, associate indicator of a secure page in a web browser, in the shape of active icon (banner). This information is visible through the "Information page" on your Web browser.

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Do I have to pay for software?

No, no need to pay additional fee, the software is available from the website www.eSign.bg.

General questions

How many certificates can be stored on a smart card?

Depending on the size of 32K/64K the smart card can save up to 7/14 eSign Certificates. In eSign Token can be saved up to 6 eSign Certificates.
eSign certificates for QES meet the standards H.509.V3.

Can I change the information in the electronic signature?

If you need or want a change, then you need to pay for its modification or issuance of a new one. When you originally requested the inclusion of PIN, BULSTAT or other identifier, there is no ground for free repair information. Adjustments can be made in 3 days from the issuance of the electronic signature only in the case of officers made by the Registration Authority omissions or errors in the initial input requested by you.

If a change in my data occurred, is it necessary to repeat the procedure for the issue?

If there is a change to the entries in your eSign certificate is necessary to make modifications to your current certificate. In the event of a data change not included in the public section of your certificate, simply send us your new data in an encrypted format and signed with your eSign certificate of email eSign@sep.bg.
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