Through the authentication time - Time Stamp You can verify the date and time of signing an electronic document with your eSign electronic signature, or the exact time of the submission of your eSign Certificate fro QES depending on application.

To be able to use the service Time Stamp or to check the validity of documents, certificates for periods of SEP Bulgaria, it is necessary to have installed on your computer a published TimeStamp Certificate in the Public Register.

Additionally it is necessary to have a software application installed or your computer that sends electronic application to the Time Stamp Server at SEP Bulgaria in accordance with RFC 3161 - Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure - Time -Stamp Protocol.

Such applications are Adobe Acrobat Pro, NitroPDf Pro, XolidoSign, and other applications for signing electronic documents. You can learn how to certify time using Adobe Acrobat Pro in, the Operating instruction.

It is important to know that the document which you authenticate for time using service Time Stamp does not leave your computer.

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