електронен подпис eSign

Server certificate

eSign Server certificate is a digital signature, which serves to identify a publicly accessible server or Web site on the Internet and ensures secure communication with it. The certificate shall be issued to the owner of the server after identification and shall indicate the person who administers it. With eSign Server certificate you provide consumer confidence in your server or Web site and guarantee the security of information exchange with it.

електронен подпис eSign

Information object

eSign certificate for an information object is electronic signature certificate, which is issued to a natural person or legal entity to identify its information copyright and software objects — files with the executable or program code, music, graphics, video and other files. With eSign certificate for subject information you provide consumer confidence in the Web application you created, programs or other information objects.

eSign for individuals is the qualified electronic signature certificate (QES), which serves to confirm your identity when you participate in electronic exchanges, such as Web applications, signing electronic documents and contracts and online access to portals for electronic payments. When signing the papers, making it impossible for their counterfeiting eSign, preserves the secrecy of communication and became the official electronic document.
Documents required for issuing eSign for individuals
For eSign for individuals is necessary to visit the Office of registration authority and present Your ID card.

Documents required for issuing eSign for individuals

For eSign for individuals is necessary to visit the Office of registration authority and present Your ID card.


eSign for individuals

1 year3 year
Smart card reader, Smart card and Issuance of eSign QES

Issuance and maintenance of eSign QES
Smart card reader - 15 lv.
The prices are in BGN. VAT included


With eSign certification services you get:
Access to electronic-administrative services of agencies of State and local government
Access to online banking, no additional fees and certificates
The ability to demonstrate conclusively the creation and sending of documents
The ability to encrypt the created paperwork so that counterfeiting is prevented.

Questions and answers

Will I be notified of the expiry of the validity period?

You will receive an email notification on the 30th and 10th day before the expiry of the validity period of your certificate.

Is it possible to use Electronic Signatures issued abroad in Bulgaria?

The only qualified electronic signatures on the territory of Bulgaria are those issued by service providers accredited by CRC, according to the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.

What documents do I need to get eSign for individuals?

You need to provide ID of the person who fits in as a Certificate Holder / Author and completed Application for eSign certificate of QES for individuals in the object of our Registration Authority.

Can I have more than one eSign Certificate for QES?

There is no limit to the number of your issued certificates.

Can the signed documents be modified?

Electronic documents signed by eSign Certificate for QES can not be modified. Any attempt to modification leads to an error when reproducing the document.

Is it possible QES to be used to detect changes and errors in the transmission of the document?

eSign Certificate for QES ensures the integrity of the document after being signed and can serve as a tool to check for modification.
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